On Time

My daughter was due to be born today. But she wasn’t. Instead, she was born two weeks ago on October 21st.

She was right on time.

Julie and I have been patiently waiting for her to arrive ever since we knew she was coming. Overall, my wife’s pregnancy with our daughter was good. The first trimester was, as first trimesters go, roughish. All-day sickness. One day she wants a certain food. The next, no more. She still has no desire to eat caesar salad to this day.

Second trimester was great. Both of my girls were growing and getting cuter with each day. The third trimester was the uncomfortable one. My wife was getting bigger — a cute bigger — and our daughter was growing and active.

Then, on Saturday night, October 20th, my wife’s back started hurting.

Then, her front, lower abdomen would feel discomfort. It released and got better. Then her back would start hurting again. Then got better. The front again. A pattern emerged and I started Googling about symptoms of labor. All signs pointed to labor contractions.

I downloaded an app to start timing the contractions. The contractions were averaging between 3:30-4:00 mins apart. I am not a doctor, but I have seen The Office and know that contractions 5:00 mins apart means, go time! A call to the on-call nurse confirmed for us to head to the hospital, two-weeks early or not.

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From “The Delivery, Part One” of The Office. Photo credit: FanPop.com

At the hospital, we found out that Julie’s water broke at home. She was in active labor. After hours of more intense contractions and an epidural later, we were getting closer to meeting our daughter.

As the early morning hours ticked on, the delivery doctor came in and let us know our daughter Callie was measuring big. The doctor was concerned Callie might get stuck during a vaginal birth. If that happened, the doctor may have to perform a procedure that could hurt Callie; possibly causing permanent damage to her. Without hesitation, Julie and I decided to deliver Callie via cesarean section.

A hour later we were holding our baby daughter! The saline flowed from our eyes as Callie cried her first tears after feeling the cold outside of her mom’s womb.

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In the two weeks since her arrival, Julie and I have grown as husband and wife and embraced this new reality of parenting. It was crazy to see how much we learned and grew in confidence from the first week to the second.

Our daughter is beautiful on so many levels. She has brought my wife and I sleepless nights and hearts filled with joy. Whether she was born two weeks early or her due date was wrong — she arrived on time.

Without a doubt, worth the wait.


Team Ramer Is Growing

Julie and I are elated to announce that we are expecting the birth of our first child in early November of this year! As of this writing, Julie is 12-weeks pregnant and both child and momma are healthy. (Aside from the morning sickness, or as Julie likes to call it, ALL-DAY sickness!)

As Julie and I thought about how to announce our pregnancy we decided a blog post would be the best as there is more to the story than just us being pregnant.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 16.06.51

During our engagement to be married, Julie and I both communicated we wanted to start a family soon, but also wanted to be married for a little bit before we did. About five-months into our marriage we both started to have the itch to work on starting a family sooner than later. In the spring of 2016 we began to try and get pregnant.

As each month came and went we understood that getting pregnant was not as easy as 1, 2, 3. We trusted God and continued to try. As 2016 gave way to 2017 we watched friends and family get pregnant, sometimes seemly without any great effort. I wish I could say I did not have moments of disappointment and frustration, but I did.

Even though my disappointment and frustration was very brief, I began to ask the age-old question of, Why? Why others and not us? We desire to be parents. We desire to have our own kids. What are we doing wrong? These thoughts and questions came and went very quickly, but they did come.

Julie, being as great and gracious as she is, reminded me that we are not owed anything, a spouse, a kid, a job — anything. When we were both single for as long as we were and watched as our friends and family got married, we were never promised a spouse, even though we both desired one and believed God would bless us with a spouse one day. We had moments in our singleness that we did not walk through well, but we have a chance to now walk through this season of waiting to be parents in a more redemptive way.

On Mother’s Day last year we both cried as we took communion at church. Even through the tears we both knew that God would bless us to be parents one day. We just did not know if that was through having our own child, fostering, or adopting.

Summer came and went.

As we headed into the fall Julie visited her doctor who encouraged us to go see a fertility specialist. After the month and a half of tests and blood work, we both came back with a clean bill of health. The months passed. We celebrated Christmas and welcomed in 2018.

Then one night, after returning from a work trip, Julie gave me a card.

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